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Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Next Generation Entrepreneurs Program

Have you ever thought about starting a business?

Want to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Attend student workshops with professional entrepreneurs to learn business skills and compete for a chance to win grants to help your innovative ideas become new businesses.

Check back in Fall 2020!


The Next Generation Entrepreneurs program is open to all Pinellas High School students. This opportunity allows students start new businesses, bring an innovative idea to market while working with business community mentors. The program emphasizes adding value to people’s lives and the steps involved to being a successful entrepreneur.

Want to help inspire the next young entrepreneurs? Through the involvement of business community mentors, this program allows business leaders to inspire students by sharing real world experience and fostering young talent.


– Represent diversified disciplines

– Participate in one or more of the four student workshops

– Provide virtual mentoring through an online platform

– Commit to anywhere from 2-10 hours of time over a four month period

Want to get involved? Contact Kalleen Marquise at 727-588-4816, ext. 2114 or