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Student Internship Program Offers Pinellas Students Real-World Experience

Student Internship Program Offers Pinellas Students Real-World Experience

Largo, Fla. – The Pinellas Education Foundation proudly announces the continuation of the Student Internship Program this summer. Designed to foster the growth and development of aspiring students, the Pinellas Education Foundation and Pinellas County Schools collaborate with local businesses to host student internships in the summer. The program offers a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on work experience while learning life skills and exploring future career opportunities in a professional setting.

This year, the Summer Internship Program continues to operate with the help of an $80,000 grant through Bank of America. Recognizing that hands-on experience is the most effective way to prepare students for the workforce, Bank of America is helping to provide students with vital career-readiness training that significantly enhances their prospects for long-term success in any field.

“By providing the pathways and resources for young adults to gain the foundational work skills and leadership experience they need to succeed, we are investing in Tampa’s long-term economic growth,” said Bill Goede, president, Bank of America Tampa Bay and board member, Pinellas Education Foundation. “This Student Internship Program is just one example of how we can connect people to meaningful employment resources that also build a stronger pipeline of diverse talent for our local workforce.”

ProSun International, Inc., a participating local company, offers paid internships through the program, acknowledging the significance of fostering young talent and preparing them for a successful career in the dynamic field of manufacturing.

ProSun International, Inc. is family-owned, community-minded and committed to the education and development of local youth. They allow students to set their own schedules and work with them individually by creating career development plans and opportunities for pay increases. “We offer a structured development environment to help students learn new skills, build their resume, and make great money. Earning up to $21 an hour by the end of high school and earning a starting salary of $60K upon completion of a bachelor’s degree.” Says Jody Flaro, CEO, ProSun International, Inc., “Students are an integral part of ProSun’s success and growth.”

Tomiya R. of Boca Ciega High School works for ProSun International, Inc. through the Student Internship Program. She said that because of her experience, she is now curious about a future in electrical engineering. Tomiya had nothing but positive things to say about her experience: “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity because not only is it fun, but you learn from it, you learn life skills and on-the-job skills, and you get paid to do it.”

“We are so grateful to offer these internship opportunities to students,” says Lisa Fasting, Vice President of Educational Impact, Pinellas Education Foundation. “The Student Internship Program aims to provide students with valuable insights and real-life work experience to empower them to become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.”

About the Pinellas Education Foundation:
Established in 1986, the Pinellas Education Foundation is a coalition of business leaders and community members who collaborate to drive excellence in education, ensuring all students are well-prepared for the opportunities and challenges of life beyond high school. A nationally recognized, dynamic non-profit organization committed to transforming students’ lives, empowering them to achieve their full potential, and providing teachers with the resources they need to excel in the classroom. Through innovative initiatives, a strong partnership with Pinellas County Schools, and collaboration with community partners, the Foundation works tirelessly to accelerate educational achievement for all students. To learn more about the Pinellas Education Foundation and its partners, please visit https://pinellaseducation.org/.

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