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Stavros Society

We invite you to join the Stavros Society!

Thank you for considering a gift to become a member of the Stavros Society. Together we can inspire minds, transform lives and continue the life-changing work of Dr. Gus and Frances Stavros.

"The act of standing still is the beginning of the end."

- Dr. Gus Stavros

A Bold Initiative: The Stavros Society

The heart of our success story beats steady and strong with a commitment that began 30 years ago. You can find it in the vision and generosity of Dr. Gus Stavros and his wife Frances, who have enhanced the lives of countless Pinellas County students. You can see it in the innovative work that flows through transformative programs of the Pinellas Education Foundation. And we can recognize it, each and every day, in our donors.

That is the bold spirit that moves us now to celebrate a milestone three decades in the making, as we proudly announce the establishment of the Dr. Gus and Frances Stavros Society –bringing together donors to continue their legacy of generosity and keep their remarkable contribution to our children’s education burning brightly.

It is now possible to become charter members of this elite giving group – one that will be comprised of people who share our passion for expanding educational and career opportunities for students and enriching the community; who share our vision that every student be prepared for life after high school, whether to attend college or obtain technical training.

With the creation of the Stavros Society, we can be even more effective in our mission. Working together, we can continue to enhance the educational landscape for our students.