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The Positive Impacts of Supporting Education

The Positive Impacts of Supporting Education

When business leaders and educators come together to support our school system, it helps uplift the entire community. Our current students are tomorrow’s leaders, makers, and doers. They deserve the full support of their community as they strive to reach their educational goals and make their way into the world.

Ultimately, students who are given the tools to succeed—from basic supplies to help with math homework and beyond—are better able to shape their futures and their communities. Plus, once they join the workforce, they bring those skill sets with them.

A more educated and better-supported workforce leads to:

Students that have all the opportunities they deserve are better prepared to make choices about their futures. Some students may choose to attend vocational or technical schools, community colleges, or four-year institutions. Others may enter directly into the workforce. With a well-rounded education, they can truly compete in our global marketplace.

How You Can Support Education

The benefits are clear—and action is as simple as partnering with the Pinellas Education Foundation.

The Pinellas Education Foundation enlists both community and business leaders who are passionate about education to create programs and initiatives that challenge our youth and provide them with enrichment opportunities. We are always looking for new partners in our quest.

You can help foster educational opportunities in our community in the following three ways:


There are many ways you can choose to donate to our organization. You can make a one-time donation, use your employer’s match program, or take part in a Unified Giving campaign. If you’d like, you can make an annual fund or planned gift to the Foundation. Let everyone know you support students by getting the newly designed license plate, featuring a beach scene that focuses on Florida’s bright education system. A portion from every plate goes to support the Foundation’s work in Pinellas public schools.

Donations are used to fund student scholarships and teacher grants and to support enrichment programs across the county.


Support the growth of an individual student by becoming a mentor. If you have a few hours weekly or biweekly you’d like to invest, you can provide guidance to a local student. You and your mentee may share a meal, read together, or just talk about life in general.


Your skills and talents can be put to great use when you volunteer at the Foundation or as a tutor. Time is a valuable resource, and your time can be well spent helping students grow in their understanding of educational concepts or by helping the Foundation run more efficiently. We’re sure you have some skills we can put to good use!

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can help, don’t hesitate to call about volunteer and mentorship opportunities (727-588-4816 ext. 2119). You can also make a donation today.

As one of the top public school education foundations in the nation, the Pinellas Education Foundation is committed to enriching and improving the quality of education in our county. We believe that together—business leaders and community leaders—we are perfectly poised to lend a hand to the amazing educators in our area and to support our most precious resource, our children.

If you’re not ready to donate or volunteer, make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can get the latest information on new opportunities.