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Breaking Down Barriers: Impact of Scholarships

Breaking Down Barriers: Impact of Scholarships

Did you know the number one barrier preventing students from pursuing higher education is financial? The daunting costs associated with college or technical training deter many students from achieving their academic dreams. We understand this challenge and are dedicated to alleviating the financial burden for deserving students.

We proudly offer numerous scholarships based on academic achievement, talent and financial need through our Senior Scholarships program. Graduating Pinellas County seniors only need to fill out one application that opens the door to hundreds of scholarship opportunities.

This year, we had 2,158 students complete the application, and we expect to award over $670,000 in scholarships this spring. However, our support extends beyond this initiative. We work one-on-one with students on their FAFSA applications and actively encourage and assist students in seeking additional scholarship and grant opportunities through the College and Career Centers and programs like Take Stock in Children.

One shining example of our dedication to student success is Siara S., a Take Stock senior at St. Petersburg High School. With guidance and encouragement from her College Success Coach, Siara secured a college housing scholarship from Suncoast Credit Union. What set Siara apart in the selection process was her remarkable determination. In 2022, Siara organized a shoe drive for poverty-stricken children in Nepal – collecting over 925 pairs of shoes, showcasing her dedication to making a positive impact locally and globally. Her success highlights the impact of mentorship.

We look forward to highlighting more scholarship recipients like Siara and sharing their inspiring stories in the coming months. Together, we’re not just funding education; we’re investing in the future of our students and building a stronger community.